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March 22, 2017

How does RDS in Windows Server 2016 benefit users?

Benefits of RDS in Windows Server 2016

Regardless of your Operating System, recent Remote Desktop Services' enhancements in Windows Server 2016 are helpful to be aware of as you work on your current Server Based Computing or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure environment, or potential VDI Proof of Concept...

How Improvements for RDS in Windows Server 2016 Help Service Providers

GPU, Remote FX, Discrete Devise Assignment

With RDS in Windows Server 2016, Graphic Processing Unit acceleration for VDI is more flexible due to better RemoteFX attributes. SPLA licensing allows Service Providers to build VDI solutions, as RemoteFX supports Virtual Machines in Windows Server 2016 'as a guest.' With RemoteFX, the GPU can be shared through several VMs with high-density VDI; up to 2GB of video RAM per End User. Otherwise, Discrete Devise Assignment (dedicated GPU for every End User) can be used for even heavier graphic demands, right inside the guest VM.

Personal Desktop Sessions, RDPv10, AVC 444 Mode

RDS in Windows Server 2016 enables the ability of personal desktops to be issued to End Users as the guest VM with Personal Session Desktops. VDI solutions can be provisioned on the host as PSD with RemoteFX and DDA is supported in Windows Server 2016 as a guest OS. A 4K resolution and new AVC 444 mode come with RDPv10, the newest version of the RDS protocol. A new connection broker that can handle 10,000+ simultaneous login requests enables DaaS solutions for large deployments without the worry of logon ‘storms.’

How Improvements for RDS in Windows Server 2016 Help End Users

Windows 10 Look, Remote Credential Guard, Mobile Devices

For End Users, RDS in Windows Server 2016 looks like Windows 10 and works great on several device types, including thin clients, desktops, and tablets. This makes End Users happy, as most had been disappointed with RDS 2012's 'Windows 8.1-like' experience. Remote Credential Guard protects VDI End Users from hackers. RCG helps to protect the stealing of credentials during logins, as credentials never leave the virtual machine during the logon process. RDS 2016 can be used on Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, and Android devices, so VDI End Users can work in a variety of environments with a variety of devices.

Get The Most Out of RDS in Windows Server 2016 within a VDI World

Sound interesting? These are some of the new functionalities that support and strengthen RDS in Windows Server 2016. As you can see, these VDI-friendly enhancements benefit Service Providers and ultimately, End Users. We should point out that the right endpoints help you to get the most out of Windows Server 2016's RDS benefits in a VDI environment.

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