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September 09, 2014

The Game of Devices: Will Mobile or Tablet Usage Ever Surpass Desktop?

In our new interactive tool, we’re tracking the epic game of devices across 10 websites to see if mobile or tablet usage will ever overtake desktop online. Find out who will win, if anyone, in the Game of Devices.

What does it mean?

The age of the smartphone has looked like it is just over the horizon for years now, but it never quite seems to dawn. Desktop computing, with its large, comfortable screens and set ups will always have a place in business, but that doesn't mean that desktop won't have to make room for a more mobile future. Smartphones may be difficult for IT managers to secure, inflexible when you want multiple screens and unforgiving to work with over long periods, but they're perfect for short, productive stints on the move.

The statistics from the Game of Devices are indicative of a more and more mobile workforce which is making increasing use of roaming profiles to keep connected and productive wherever they are. Cloud computing is at the heart of this new work style, with mobile workers floating effortlessly from sophisticated thin and zero clients at a fixed workstation level to mobile devices as they move and travel.

Ultimately, with thin clients making using desktops as “hubs” even easier (an estimated 65% of businesses now employ thin clients) it is the desktop which still lies at the heart of daily tasks and work routines. In our opinion, as long as the desktop continues to develop alongside mobile technology, it is unlikely to ever be entirely usurped by smart devices.