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May 22, 2013

A Few Quick Answers To Help You Find The Perfect Thin or Zero Client

How many monitors can your Thin Clients support?

We all know that the number of monitors supported on VDI hardware is an important detail to consider when choosing what VDI Thin or Zero Client is best fit for your tasks. A study conducted from Microsoft found that a “second monitor can boost productivity by up to 50% when it comes to performing tasks like copying and pasting and boosts output between 20-30%.” At 10ZiG we know how important multi-monitor support is within a workplace, so all of our Thin Clients have dual monitor support. We also carry robust Thin Clients with dual monitor support as standard and tri or quad monitor support as an option. For those looking for a high-end, top performing, Zero Client, 10ZiG’s V1200 Series PCoIP Zero Client with the Tera2 chipset is the perfect unit. The V1200 series displays optimal resolution and can support up to four monitors.

What VDI protocols and connection brokers do your VDI Thin Clients support?

Protocols10ZiG’s Thin and Zero Clients support an array of VDI protocols. Our Thin Clients are designed for VDI environments and are certified to support Citrix Xendesktop with HDX, VMware Horizon View with PCoIP, Microsoft with Remote FX, Hyper-V with EOP Extreme, IBM Virtual Desktop Virtual Bridges Verde, Red Hat Spice, 2X, Quest vWorkspace as well as many others that are listed on our website. All of our Thin Clients for VDI run either Linux, Windows Embedded 7 Standard (WES7), Windows Embedded 8 (WE8) or no OS on our Zero Client line. We work hand-in-hand with our technology partners to guarantee that our VDI solutions integrate smoothly into your environment. We offer an array of Thin Clients and Zero Clients for VDI to provide the perfect unit with the correct features and the protocol that best suits your current environment. Whether you have an ongoing VDI roll out or are starting a new one, 10ZiG Technology will have the solution for you. Our company motto is “We make our Thin Clients fit your environment, not your environment fit our Thin Clients.”

How do you manage your Thin Clients?

One of the great benefits that Thin Clients provide to IT departments is the ability to manage centrally. Centralized management allows a single IT administrator to manage all of your local and remote Thin Clients. With 10ZiG's Management Utility the ability to group users with similar characteristics into categories provides a simple, more logical way to configure, monitor and manage multiple Quad Monitors ThinkVisiondevices. The ability to group users is ideal for grouping departments together. This allows the IT administrator to drag and drop the appropriate applications to the correct users, for example, all of the devices used in the accounting department can be grouped together and can be updated, modified, duplicated and restored all at once. The 10ZiG management utility can also push out security updates and application updates as individual packages to Windows Embedded units; this can be done on off-peak times to ensure that users’ productivity is not impeded. With minimal-touch a single administrator can set up automatic configuration groups to devices as they are deployed and discovered by the manager, this ultimately makes the time from connecting the cables to the time of use extremely short.

The 10ZiG Management Utility comes with great features to simplify and streamline management, not to mention the 10ZiG manager is always FREE and supports unlimited user licenses.

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