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Why Go Windows on a Thin Client?

Why go Windows on a thin client in a VDI environment

Phoenix, AZ – April 18, 2012 – 10ZiG Technology. Using a Windows Embedded Operating System on a Thin Client in a VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) environment has many advantages over other embedded operating systems or Zero Clients, and in this piece we would like to go through a number of those benefits.

·Peripheral Support – Almost all peripherals have Windows Drivers which can be embedded in a Windows Embedded OS Thin Client. This is particularly a key feature in remote sites or WAN environments where smart devices such as scanners, smart card readers, biometrics, web cams, etc. do not always work, or have trouble staying connected. Most serial attached devices require device drivers being embedded.

·Installing device drivers can take just minutes with Windows Embedded as opposed to days/weeks with other operating systems such as Linux or CE.net. Assuming drivers are available for those operating systems.

· New VDI features are available faster on Windows over systems such as Linux and CE.net.

·If you are connecting to a Windows Terminal Server or Hyper-V, a ‘Windows to Windows’ connection is always going to be more stable and better supported.

·If you want to use Aero features, a Windows 7 Embedded OS is a must and the same goes for RemoteFX.

·Wireless works a much better on a Windows OS. Not only does it hand off the connection from one access point to another in a mobile environment, but also supports all of the Cisco Protocols like LEAP, PEAP, WPA2, etc.

·A Windows Embedded Operating Systems gives you the flexibility to support all future demands over Linux or CE.net, but without all the overhead and security/virus exposure of a traditional Full Windows Pro OS.

·VPN Clients can readily be embedded in a Windows Embedded OS, which can be very important for remote connectivity, especially mobile or at home workers.

·Finally, with the 10ZiG locked down user feature, the end user is only going to be able to see and interact with whatever the system admin has defined. Most admins set the unit into a kiosk mode where upon boot up, the end user can only get to the VMware View or Citrix Xen sign-on screen for instance.

If you require any further information on Thin Clients with Windows Embedded from 10ZiG Technology Ltd, then please do not hesitate to contact us at 866.865.5250 or email at info@10ZiG.com.