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Why Choose Zero Client in a VDI Environment

Why Choose Zero Client in a VDI Environment

There are two different types of zero clients – a software zero client and a hardware zero client. Before we look at the differences between these, below are the basic points that support utilizing a zero client in a VDI environment:

· Out of the box locked down environment with no additional configuration needed

· Support for specific protocol is generally better

· No distracting ancillary applications running in the background

· No virus exposure

· Quick installation and deployment

· Quicker boot times and no maintenance requirements – which lead to improved productivity.

Software and hardware zero clients

A software zero client has a skinny hybrid Linux image – this is optimised for a specific protocol such as VMware PCoIP or Citrix HDX. The unit will usually boot quickly (in under 20 seconds) into a specific VDI sign on screen in a completely locked down environment.

A Hardware Zero Client does the same thing, but it is the processor that’s optimised for a specific protocol. There is no underlying operating system, but a simple BIOS (basic input-output system). These will also have extremely quick boot times and start the end user off at the VDI sign on screen.

Below are some further differences to be aware of when choosing between software and hardware zero clients:

· Hardware zero clients do not have operating systems to maintain, although they do occasionally have BIOS updates

· Hi-res graphics are displayed better on a hardware zero client

· Software zero clients tend to be more flexible if the end user changes the VDI technology being used during the lifecycle of the unit.

· Software zero clients have additional flexibility when it comes to adding peripherals in which standard USB redirection is not sufficiently supporting the peripheral in question

· Cost implications are presently less on a software zero client

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