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University Enhances and Expands its Desktop Delivery with 10ZiG

University Enhances and Expands its Desktop Delivery with 10ZiG

10ZiG Technology has supplied one of the UK's leading Universities with a faster more effective IT network, whilst at the same time significantly reducing its carbon foot-print.

York University, one of the top ten Universities in the UK, asked 10ZiG to provide an IT service that offered increased desktop control, a consistent end user experience and was environmentally friendly.

10ZiG, one of Europe's fastest growing thin client development companies, supplied the University with 5672v Thin Clients, in conjunction with Quest vWorkspace Virtualisation software.

After completing VMware ESX Server Visualisation and Storage Virtualisation, the University of York decided the natural progression was to extend its virtualisation practice to the desktop and implement a robust VDI solution. After much research, Thin Clients were chosen as the preferred endpoint device.

Pritpal Rehal, Senior Digital Worspace Administrator at York University, said: "10ZiG Technology was our Thin Client of choice based on a mixture of design, form factor and specification. It provided great performance with Quest vWorkspace, has a small form-factor and due to its robust Linux OS, has saved us money in licensing costs."

Andy Martin, Managing Director at 10ZiG Technology, said: "York University will see real benefits by using thin clients. It will save money through not having to replace old pc's and desktop delivery speeds will greatly improve.

"All of our thin clients are Energy Star rated. Energy Star is a government-backed program helping businesses and individuals protect the environment through superior energy efficiency, so this means that the University will also reduce its carbon footprint.

James Freeman, Business Unit Director EMEA, Desktop Virtualisation Group at Quest Software, said: Quest vWorkspace provides staff and students at the University with flexible access to their personal desktop, learning resources and course information, from any location, from any device and at any time.

"The university was looking for a simple implementation with single sign-on, USB redirection, multimedia facilities and bi-directional audio through a virtualised infrastructure, as well as the ability to support multiple hypervisors thus 'future-proofing' the solution, all of which Quest vWorkspace delivers.

"The 10ZiG 5672v Thin Clients, being Quest vWorkspace ready, was a perfect fit."

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