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Concerned about recent acquisitions in the Thin Client Marketplace?

Do you have these questions?

· Are you currently doing a Thin Client Proof of Concept and worried about the future availability of that product?

· Who will be my future account representative?

· Where will the support come from and will they be versed on supporting my current model?

· How will future warranty exchanges be handled?

· Will the current management utility support both brands and will I be forced to use two different managers if my model is discontinued and replaced with another?

· If I am forced to change models in the middle of my role out?

· Will the other brand support the same features I currently require?

· Will my pricing go up if I the model I am currently deploying is replaced with the other brands “comparable” model?

-Recall a previous acquisition that occurred in 2007 for clear examples of why these questions should asked and caution should be exercised.

Use 10ZiG Technology as a Model of Consistency in These Uncertain Times for these Reasons:

· 10ZiG has had the same in-house support with absolutely zero outsourcing.

· We have been using the same hardware for the past eight years and will continue to offer the same quality in years to come.

· 10ZiG is the path of least resistance in the entire marketplace and will continue to provide stability in our product.

· The maintenance of 10ZiG’s products, along with our established manager will continue to provide the up-most performance and will continue to develop and expand with our company.

· 10ZiG’s location has been stationary as we have been located in the Phoenix Metro Area since 1993.

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Reliability, quality and consistency are what you can count on with 10ZiG.