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Citrix Awards 10ZiG Zero Client with HDX Ready, HDX Premium and HDX 3D-Pro Certification

10ZiG Technology has been recognizing the changing requirements of client devices to meet the demands of continual evolution within VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure).

“We pride ourselves on our approach to market, by continually researching ways to simplify the user experience, both for Administrators and Users of the solution alike. We listen to our customers, both new and existing in terms of what they require from the solution from a hardware and software perspective. Inclusion of solutions such as NVIDIA GRID designed to accelerate virtual desktops and applications, in addition to the types of media that users are now playing through larger display resolutions, and the number of monitors per user has pushed the boundaries of client devices. We have taken this feedback to further enhance our Zero Client line-up, renowned for its approach of simple configuration, instinctual UI (user interface) and pain-free ongoing maintenance into our latest Intel Quad Core Processor hardware. The 5848qc is perfectly positioned to harness the power available from its Intel Quad Core Processor to exploit the feature set of Citrix HDX Premium and Citrix HDX 3D Pro, whilst being underpinned by our market leading Zero Client approach to create the perfect desktop solution for Citrix XenApp and Citrix XenDesktop,” said Kevin Greenway, Managing Director of 10ZiG Technology Ltd.

The 5848qc is able to produce speeds of up to 2.42GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology, offering support for HDX features such as HDX Multi-Monitor, HDX client side flash redirection, HDX 3D Pro (Harnessed by NVIDIA GRID) and HDX RealTime with a power consumption of as low as 7 watts. The device provides Dual Screen as standard, seven USB ports and options for wireless and VESA mounting. The 5848qc also comes with 10ZiG's free management utility providing an intuitive solution for automatic configuration, firmware updates, shadowing, power options and troubleshooting. This cuts out the need for additional IT administration, lowering the total cost of ownership. The 10ZiG Manager has an unlimited user license and there are no hidden upgrade costs, you get access to all of its features. What’s more, you can try both the 5848qc and 10ZiG Manager using our flexible, no-obligation evaluation offer.

“This certification further strengthens our product offering in industries requiring CAD/CAM and high-end 3D multimedia performance and will enable us to build on the successes we have already seen in the US, UK and Europe in these markets. By working closely with our technology partner Citrix, it has enabled us to develop a device that not only meets the demands of Citrix users today, but one that also caters for the evolution of their requirements tomorrow,” said Andy Martin, General Manager for 10ZiG Technology Inc. “We believe that our Citrix customers will see the real benefit of a device that can cater for all of the users within their organisations, starting with those requiring data processing applications such as Microsoft Office, right through to power workers requiring Flash, HD Multimedia, 3D, CAD, NVIDIA and Citrix HDX 3D Pro.”

To learn more, or to arrange your free evaluation device, please contact the relevant office below.

10ZiG Technology Inc. (Corporate Headquarters, US)
1 (866)-865-5250

10ZiG Technology Inc. (EU Headquarters, UK)
+44 (0) 116 214 8660

About 10ZiG Technology

Focused solely in the development of Thin and Zero Clients for the latest desktop solutions, 10ZiG Technology has long-standing partnerships with industry leaders such as Citrix, VMware and Microsoft. These partnerships are all with the aim of providing the best performance possible by supporting the full feature sets of acceleration protocols such as HDX, HDX 3D Pro, PCoIP and RDP 8.1. 10ZiG offers traditional dual screen Thin and Zero Clients, including the widest range of TERA2-based PCoIP devices on the market, and also cater for Quad Screen, All-in-One, and medical-specific use cases. 10ZiG devices come with a variety of OS options, including NOS (Zero), PEAKos (Linux), Windows Embedded 7 (WES7) and Windows Embedded 8 (WE8).

10ZiG is committed to taking the complexity out of Desktop Virtualization, Application Delivery and The Cloud by providing Thin and Zero Clients with components that simplify implementation, improve management and visibility of devices and enhance the user experience. To further this commitment, all 10ZiG devices are accompanied by the 100% free enterprise class 10ZiG Manager Utility, enabling centralized configuration, maintenance and control of all 10ZiG Software Zero, Linux and Windows devices. The 10ZiG product range is underpinned by the most personal Sales and Support service on the market, and 10ZiG are willing to put it to the test through their no-obligation, no-hassle, flexible 30 day evaluation offer.