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10ZiG Technology’s New Centralized Management Utility Now Web-Based; More Powerful Features


André Képes
Marketing Specialist
10ZiG Technology Inc.
p. (866) 865-5250 ext. 159

10ZiG Technology’s New Centralized Management Utility Now Web-Based; Powerful Features

10ZiG Technology to introduce a new, powerful web-based centralized management utility at VMworld 2015, booth #2609, in San Francisco, California, August 30, - September 3.

Phoenix, Arizona – Known for their speed to market and unparalleled customer and technical service, 10ZiG Technology is making a splash at this year’s VMworld with the introduction of new thin client products and a more user friendly management utility software.

The new “10ZiG Manager Web Console” software comes stacked with dozens of new features. 10ZiG’s new software utility empowers Administrators to manage their Thin Client environments using devices with a supported Web Browser (Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox/Internet Explorer) and free them from the inconvenience of having to rely on connecting via traditional PC-based Consoles.

New and existing administrators will immediately feel at ease with the familiar user interface and responsive design that their existing 10ZiG Manager PC-based console is well known for. The 10ZiG Manager Web Console enables administrators to organize and manage multiple Thin Client Groups, for executing tasks such as Auto Configuration, Power On, Shut Down, Reboot, in addition to shadowing Thin Clients all from within an existing browser session.

Performance and security are top priorities in every 10ZiG product. The new 10ZiG Manager Web Console features a completely secure HTTPS login system which verifies user name and passwords against local active directory as well as a smart logout system which warns users and asks to continue their session. A few of the new security enhancements are a lockout timer for failed login attempts, IP address lockout, and bot and brute force attack protections.

Those seeking a comprehensive solution which offers complete remote control over multiple thin clients will appreciate 10ZiG’s new admin features. The new software allows for minimal touch device deployment using automatic configuration groups to remotely connect to any thin client on the network. Top level users will have the ability to edit individual configurations and generate comprehensive reports for each thin client.

“10ZiG analyzed the pain points of Administrators, who we see are becoming increasingly mobile and remote from their traditional workstations. We believe the inclusion of web-based access into our 10ZiG Manager Enterprise FREE software is another milestone in simplifying an Administrator’s role in centrally managing their Thin Client environment. This affords even greater versatility when managing 10ZiG devices from remote and mobile locations, in addition to traditional workstations,” stated 10ZiG Head of R&D, Robert Fitzer.

About 10ZiG Technology

10ZiG Thin Clients and Zero Clients are optimized for desktop virtualization and offer the latest VDI brokers preinstalled, with support for PCoIP, HDX, and RDP protocols to name a few. Combining the best available security, high performance and flexibility, 10ZiG devices offer the complete desktop experience. 10ZiG’s goal is to take the complexity out of Desktop Virtualization by providing Thin Clients and Zero Clients with components that simplify implementation, improve management and enhance the user experience. 10ZiG Thin Clients and Zero Clients are available in a wide-range of hardware options including wireless devices, All-In-Ones and small form factor logic units. Thin Client OS options encompass PEAKos (Linux), Windows Embedded 7 or 8. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, with US based Sales and Technical Support, 10ZiG also has offices in Europe and Asia Pacific; affording it a worldwide reach in the Thin and Zero Client marketplace.

To learn more about the 10ZiG Manager Web Console, or any of 10ZiG’s VDI solutions, please contact: André Képes, Marketing Specialist, at: 23309 N. 17th Dr. #100, Phoenix, AZ 85027, phone: (866) 865-5250 ext. 159, email: sales@10ZiG.com or web: www.10ZiG.com.