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10ZiG Technology Releases All-in-One Zero Client for Citrix XenDesktop, XenApp, and VDI-in-a-Box

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Phoenix, AZ – June 7, 2012 - 10ZiG Technology TM, is pleased to announce the release for the second stage of “Project Everest,” the 8848c Zero Client bundles optimized support for Citrix XenDesktop, XenApp and VDI-in-a Box, as well as has full support for the Citrix HDX Technology. 10ZiG’s 8848c Zero Client has zero delays, from the time of pressing the power button, to getting a Citrix Sign-on Screen, takes sub 20 seconds; boot up enhancements in the works to cut that time even further.

The 8848 is the perfect combination of high performance, lower overhead, and sleek, small form factor design. This unit delivers a robust desktop experience with little to no management overhead. Using the same machine you can be deploying XenApp today and XenDesktop tomorrow without the need to even touch the endpoint device. One of the unique features of 10ZiG’s newest addition to our existing Zero Client line, is that while the 8848c Zero Client is optimized to support the Citrix HDX Protocol, it can be modified to support a different protocol, such as VMware PCoIP, Quest EOP, and Red Hat etc., to entirely fulfill the end-users wants.

At 10ZiG we have found that over the last couple of years customers are looking at Thin Clients as a five to seven year investment versus the typical three year turnover. For some companies this can cause some concerns as to the long term viability of the desktop unit, if the company were to change desktop virtualization platforms four years down the road; thus leading to a premature desktop refresh. This issue is eliminated with the implementation of 10ZiG’s new 8848c Zero Client. Additionally, this model offers internal b/g/n wireless and dual monitor support making it a perfect fit to most environments.

The 8848c Zero Client Features:

ZERO Delays. With installation full installation in just minutes and start up to sign-on is less than 20 seconds, no time is wasted deploying the solution or the day-to-day waiting to log-on into the virtual desktop.

ZERO Security Threats. With NO virus/malware exposure, plus the ability to lock out the USB ports on the fly, your data is secure.

ZERO Compromise. Combined with Citrix’s award winning HDX Protocol, the end-user experience is consistently as good, if not better, than their earlier desktop experience.

The 8848c is officially available for shipment TODAY. As always, hassle free demos are also available upon request.

To request a demo Visit Here

About 10ZiG Technology:

10ZiG is an emerging market leader in development of Thin Client Technology, with a specific focus on desktop virtualization. Industry affiliations include membership in , Citrix Ready , VMware Ready, Quest vWorkspace Ready IBM's PartnerWorld for Developers, and the Microsoft Partner Programs to name a few.