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10ZiG Releases Industry's First Medical Grade All-in-One PCoIP Zero Client

10ZiG Technology’s Zero Client family continues to grow with the addition of the V1200-AIOM215, the only Medical Grade All-in-One available today, purpose built for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and the healthcare industry. Gaining popularity among medical enterprise users, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) addresses the increasing challenges of security, data portability, high resolution imagery and mobility. All the while lowering an organizations total cost of ownership (TCO). VDI fundamentally changes the way nurses, doctors, technicians, and specialists work by providing anytime, anywhere, secure access to desktops hosted and managed by the user’s data center.

Powered by the Teradici Tera2 PCoIP processor, 10ZiG’s V1200-AIOM215 delivers high performance, secure virtual computing solutions, along with the fastest, most uncompromised PCoIP experience for VMware Horizon View users. With a 21.5” viewable monitor, this Medical Grade All-in-One Zero Client provides a high definition user interface with optimal display color, color tone and response time.

10ZiG’s V1200-AIOM215 delivers the necessary function of providing secure access to high resolution PACS images and Surgical Video Files. It provides better space management, power savings, easy installation, and maintenance, full HD video and stereo audio with little administration cost. Due to all data and operating systems being stored and distributed from the user’s central server, there is no need for local storage on the Zero Client itself, allowing increased data security and availability. This allows medical staff access to any networked Zero Client eliminating the risk of viruses, spyware and data loss at the endpoint.

With a sealed design to meet the IP23 certification, the V1200-AIOM215 is certified approved by authorized US and European agencies and is compliant with a safety standard from CB listed countries. The unique Seolforbio TechnologyTM (antimicrobial activity treated plastic), allows the unit to comply with the ISO22196 standard in regards to antimicrobial activity of antibacterial-treated display enclosures, to prevent biodeterioration and odor on the display.

The V1200-AIOM215 includes a protective filter, superb quality high resolution LCD, an energy efficient LED backlight, intuitive rotary knob control, standard dual monitor support, and is VESA mountable. It also features Picture-in-Picture (PIP), as well as a true Picture-by-Picture (PBP) Mode, a function in which two independent video sources are displayed side by side on each half of the screen simultaneously.This next-generation unit gives end-users in the medical and healthcare industry a complete VDI experience without any gaps in technology all while maintaining the highest standard of medical compliance and is sure to meet the demands of its users.

To request a demo unit or to find out more about our V1200 All-In-One units please contact us at info@10ZiG.com or info@10ZiG.eu.

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