NoTouch Package Downloads

Please Note: The following packages are to be used by customers with a valid support subscription.

Please use a decompression program such as 7zip to extract the contents of the download.

If you have any questions please contact 10ZiG Tech Support.

Click Here to Download your NoTouch Desktop Release Notes.

10ZiG NoTouch Desktop is now available in several flavors depending on your hardware needs.

K305 Edition (Default. Included in your demo package).

K305 is the most versatile edition of NoTouch – primarily to be used on a wide variety of PCs from relatively old to the very newest hardware that you may choose to re-purpose.

K206 Edition (Legacy)
Widely used by our legacy NoTouch Desktop customers with older equipment. K206 includes as much support possible for your oldest hardware but should still run reasonably well on existing business PCs that are around two years old (from their manufacturing date).

K404 Editions
K404_amd64 is for very new hardware and laptops with UEFI support for very new hardware and laptops.

Full Install/PXE/NoTouch Center Virtual Appliance Updates

Full Install Packages

How to Deploy
How to Install
How to stage PXE booting on the NoTouch Center vApp

K305 (Default Demo Package)


K404 amd64

LFI update files ONLY For use with Legacy Installs, Windows Installations of the NoTouch Center and self-hosted web servers.

How to Deploy

K305 update file

K206 update file

K404_amd64 update file

NoTouch Center Virtual Appliance

What is the NoTouch Center vApp?

Migrating? You will need to complete this license migration form.

Click Here to get your NoTouch Center vApp OVA

Click Here to get your NoTouch Center vApp VHD

Click Here to get NoTouch Center for Windows

How To update the NoTouch Center vAppliance

Important! Wiki article on updating the Virtual Appliance portion of your NoTouch Center

Click Here to Download your NoTouch Center Release Notes

Click Here to get your package to update the Virtual Appliances NoTouch Center

Click Here for the update file to update the Windows installed 10ZiG NoTouch Center